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  • Completely replaces washing detergent
  • Long lasting
  • Dermatologically tested
  • The award winning Laundry Egg is a complete replacement for washing detergent. Just pop it in the drum of your washing machine – no powder, liquid, tablets or gels required.

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CLEARANCE OFFER TIME! Living Naturally Reductions.

Hello lovely followers & customers old and new. We are having a bit of a clear out to make way for new exciting lines, so that means we have some great offers for you from our Living Naturally range.

Living Naturally, is the 1st Soapnut Apothecary in the world! Award-winning, Biodynamic Skincare, Haircare and Laundry Soap for sensitive skin, created with certified organic wild-crafted Soapnuts

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After what feels like a monumental wait we have finally taken delivery of the necessary stands enabling us to offer our customers ECOVER REFILLS.

We are now able to refill your empty Ecover bottles as follows:

NON BIO LAUNDRY LIQUID 1.5 litres at £5 per bottle (new bottles also available at £6.99)

FABRIC SOFTENER 500 ml £1.00, 750 ml £1.50, 1 litre £2.00, 1.5 litres £3.00  (new bottles of 1.5 litres also available at £3.55)

WASHING UP LIQUID 500 ml £1.05 (new bottles of 500 ml also available at £1.55), 1 litre £2.10 (new bottles of 1 litre  also available at £2.40)





A big HELLO! to our customers and supporters.  This week we are attending the One Planet Norwich Festival event at The Forum . It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet with lots of like minded people and spread the word about The Green Lady Eco Store. So, since even we can’t be in two places at once, our weekend hours will be 11.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. for both Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th May. If you are that way come along and see what’s happening, I can highly recommend it for kids of all ages.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Wifi Card Payment Terminal Now Active!

The Green Lady Eco Store is delighted to let their customers know that we now have installed a shiny new Wifi card payment terminal to replace our previous telephone signal device.  Our location meant a previously intermittent service, but no more! Worry not, you can now shop until you drop and pay by card.  Hurrah!

GRAND OPENING OF NEW GREEN LADY SHOP – 8th April 2017 11.00 a. m.

Good News!

The Green Lady is very pleased  to announce that she has a BRAND NEW GREEN LADY SHOP! Set within the beautiful Moulton St Mary Garden Centre, Near Acle, Norfolk, the shop contains a hand picked selection of  products for you, your home, and your family which wont damage the environment or be detrimental to your health.

The shop is the culmination of the previous years’ work attending venues out and about around the County.  Here the Green Lady can present to you these wonderful products for you to pop in and buy whenever is convenient to you.  You will find all the usual Green Lady wares, shampoos, conditioners, dental care, etc., plus some noteable additions.  For example, we now stock a delightful range of aromatherapy oils, soy candles, and Badger Sleep Balm (no badgers involved), plus a great deal more.

In addition, once I am in receipt of the necessary stands from Ecover, (expected mid April) we will be offering a unique service to this area.  Basically you will be able to buy your Ecover Fabric Conditioner, Laundry Liquid, and washing up liquid here and next time you can bring your empty bottle back to refill it!  Every time you do that you save yet another plastic bottle from entering landfill.  Every little bit helps!  This is something I am very proud to offer.  Watch this space for the filling station arrival!

I look forward to welcoming you to my shop very soon, and when you do, please do tell me if there is anything you would like to see there.  Do you have a favourite eco product you can’t get locally? Let me know and I will look into it.  You are my customers, and I want to serve you with your eco needs!


Michele Watts, The Green Lady


Transport Mum to the Island of Rhodes this Mothers Day with Athena’s Treasures Gift Sets

From the beautiful island of Rhodes comes a wonderful range of natural, organic, hair and body care products named after the Goddess Athena.  Made from natural Greek organic olive oil and extract of olive leaves from the Greek Islands.

These take you back to summers spent in the sun on the Greek beaches and strolling among the tavernas breathing in the aroma of the local flora.  Mmmm, wonderful!  The nearest thing you can get to a Greek holiday without stepping on a plane!

The products of the series Athena’s Treasures, created in 2008, are a result of multiannual research in modern laboratories by specialized technicians and cosmetologists,  using the latest devathenas-treasures-shelveselopments in the science of cosmetics. They are not tested on animals!

I am pleased to say that I am now one of only 3 UK distributors of this range, along with Aloe Treasures and Argan Treasures.

Why not make your Mum a Greek Goddess for Mothers Day.

Click Here and quote code Green Lady

Or see them Saturday 24th March at the Vegan Market, Quaker Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane, Norwich.

Unique Anti Ageing Hand Made Moringa Soap

Our luxurious, chunky, handmade soap, comes in two fragrance options, firstly the wonderful scent of Nag Champa, and the other Virgin Coconut.  Lovingly made using only the highest quality organic Moringa from our own farm in Spain.  Moringa, widely recognised for its anti ageing properties is possibly the best ingredient that you can use on your skin.  SLS and paraben free, only the finest natural ingredients are used. Gentle foaming lather. Wrapped and boxed. Suitable for vegetarians.

Size: 90g


Sodium olivate, Aqua, Sodium cocoate, Sodium cocoa butterate, Moringa oleifera, Sodium sheabutterate, Sodium castorate, CI12085, CI19140, CI42053, CI60725, parfum,1rh150sr, bn 1

NEW Moringa Tea Bags!

MORINGA TEA BAGS! To add to our wonderful range of Moringa products you can now buy Moringa Tea Bags.  They contain all the benefits of Moringa leaves, and when you’re done drinking the tea you can put the leaves into your cooking for double the goodness. They come wrapped in foil for freshness.

Ingredients: Organically grown moringa oleifera leaves, air dried

No artificial flavourings

No preservatives

Caffiene free

The Moringa oleifera tree makes an excellent nutritious energy drink. The tea is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that will help clear your mind and boost energy levels.

To make the tea, place one teabag in a cup and pour hot water (not boiling) over them. Allow to steep for several minutes. Add a little stevia or honey to sweeten if required. Every cup of tea you drink will provide you with vital nutrients. Moringa tea is considered to be an excellent defence against damaging free radical damage to your cells.

Pack Size: 25 Bags

NEW to The Green Lady – EARTH CONSCIOUS vegan deodorants!



The Green Lady is very pleased to announce that we now stock these award winning natural deodorants from Earth Conscious.

Earth Conscious is a transparent UK brand. They believe in making conscious choices about the way that we live rather than always accepting the status quo. Hence their natural deodorant. Earth and body friendly, yet still functions in a modern world. A mini revolution.

They are not eco warriors, just normal(ish) people (like me) trying their best to take responsibility for their actions.  Manufactured in the UK, using eco friendly packaging and top quality certified ingredients that cause no harm, and available to all with their low price, this is very important to them.

Their products make as minimal impact on the earth as possible. The ingredients used are of course completely natural (no lab made ingredients posing as “natural”!), certified organic where sourceable to ensure that once they are washed off the skin they will provide no threat to wildlife, marine life or plants.

Make the healthier choice, join us by switching one thing today, a better choice for the earth. If we all do this together we can make a difference in our small steps.




BREAKING NEWS at The Green Lady

Well hello everyone! Spring is just around the corner!

There’s been a bit of a delay in posting on here due to a recent house move, but I’m back with a whole new outlook.  Last year saw me rushing around the county/counties from one place to another introducing myself, my ethos, and my products to you.  I learned a lot along the way, in fact the whole thing was a learning curve of huge proportions, and I come into the New Year 2017 as an enlightened businesswoman who knows her customers and their needs, and with an ear on the pulse for new and innovative products coming to market this year.

Charging around the county in a green cape is hard when you are a 50 something Granny of 4′ 11″, especially when grappling with a Gazebo, stock and very heavy tables – superman never had this trouble! To be quite honest, for me, it ain’t do-able too often.

BUT, following that old chestnut of working SMARTER not HARDER I hope to be seen monthly at the Norwich Vegans Pop Up Shop at the Quaker Meeting house, Upper Goat Lane, Norwich from the last Saturday in February (25th) and each month thereafter.  If my plans come to fruition, I will also be at One Planet Norwich at The Forum and (…fanfare) THE ROYAL NORFOLK SHOW, along with other members of Broads Tourism in the Broads Village area of the show.  I hope to meet lots of you there.

My focus now is to hand pick selected Eco friendly, cruelty free, organic and vegan products for my discerning customers with emphasis on those things that I know you and your families love already, and less readily available products from independent producers.  If there is something you’d like me to stock I would be more than happy to hear from you, just email me at and I will see what I can do.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017 to all of you and thank you so much for your continued support and custom.

Kind regards

Michele Watts

LOOK 30% off all Magnotherapy Mattress Pads until 30th November

Until 30th Novembermattress we have an amazing 30% off all our Magnotherapy products.

Today’s price for a double magnetic mattress pad made by Norstar Biomagnetics is just £209.99 including delivery, and with up to 14 days to pay!  Norstar Biometrics is the professional’s choice for magnet therapy solutions. Used by therapists, sportsmen and many, many normal people on a day to day basis, Norstar products offer the most powerful magnetic solutions (gauss strength) you can obtain in the UK. Introduce magnetics into your daily life and feel the difference.

Sleep and Magnet Therapy
Just why are magnetic mattress pads such an incredible investment for your future health?

They are so because unlike “spot” magnets, the mattress pads bathes EVERY MUSCLE, CELL AND ORGAN in your body with a gentle magnetic field that is safe, natural and ESSENTIAL to our well being. A good mattress pad will last 15-20 years and require no effort to use them. Over 30% of Japanese sleep on magnetic mattress pads.

Over 30% of the population does not get adequate sleep. Most people know that sleep provides physical rest, but what else does it provide;

Repair: some enzymes will switch on protein production for physical repair functions. Melatonin, secreted by the pineal gland, reaches a maximum about an hour after we fall into deep sleep. Only then do the body’s repair functions respond and go into full swing.

Nourishment: blood carries nutrients and oxygen around the system while it is relaxed and receptive.

Cleaning: the lymph system picks up waste from the cells and activates the immune system. 3 hours sleep loss equates to a 50% reduction in our immune systems activity.

If we do not get the correct amount of sleep, we will simply be losing our vigour and getting older and sicker at a faster rate than is necessary. Magnetic Sleep Systems do work! They require no effort on your part, simply go to bed, get a good night’s rest and wake feeling relaxed and ready to go!

The Mattress Pad is a truly remarkable product to enhance your lifestyle. Whether used to improve general health, or for specific conditions the Norstar sleep system will be your greatest friend.

The mattress pad bathes you in deeply relaxing magnetic fields to help you get a better night’s sleep. As your body downloads the day’s events these hours are crucial to well being.

Single and King Size mattress pads also available.  Why not check out the whole range of products here


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